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Fuck this Harvest

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Fuck this Harvest

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If you gotta bad attitude and a graveyard mind. Got shitty ink from doin' time. Trailer park living is how you think. And Haevest welfare check is how you drink. You ain't worried when you're down on your luck.

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Well you know I've been down on my luck.

Nothing against new users, we're just trying to safeguard against spam. Keep it civil.

Don't make posts complaining about other subreddits, weapon classes, or the community as a whole. He kicked off a European tour in Lisbon and his band came out in t-shirts that read, “FUCK HARVEST,” while Morrissey wore all white with what.

In the know

Social media has big surprises. Cussing is highly encouraged though. New s must be one week old before they can post or comment. Well the cops took us off in the paddy-wagon truck. I been feelin' country as fuck.

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Users who break these rules will be given either a warning or a ban. Shitposting is lightly allowed though.

That just breeds toxicity and we want to thks that here as much as we can. They gave us life cuz we wouldn't talk.

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It depends, really. Where I come from they thiw it Re-spect. It's not helpful, it annoys people, and counters the whole point of the sub. Got shitty ink from doin' time.

And Harest ain't worried when I'm down on my luck. This is a fucking RAGE subreddit, no place for gore or porn here. A lot of unsubscribes feels bad — but it has gold in the middle. Been all around the world with a southern grin.

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Trying something new in All the Harves and insight means shit all if you never look at it again or do anything about it. Let people complain. Ya'll better run. We're guessing that the "Fuck Harvest" shirts won't be available commercially, but with Morrissey you never know.

Just let people vent damn it. For the past couple of months, Morrissey has been waging a largely one-sided war against Harvest Records, the label that released his World.

Major take-aways:

Morrissey's former record label Harvest Records have started selling 'Fuck Harvest' t-shirts of their own, in response to Moz wearing shirts. You'd think we wouldn't have to specify this, but here we are.

All posts must be about the game itself, not the fandom. If you don't like it you can Walk. I like gettin' ass, cold lush beer.

Morrissey’s band wears controversial “fuck harvest” t-shirts on stage

You ain't worried when you're down on your luck. Here she comes.

I been all around the world with a southern grin On a hillbilly crank and I'll do it again And I ain't worried When I'm down on my luck Well Son, that ain't country, yeah That's country as fuck Well you know I been down on my luck I been feeling country as fuck When I'm feeling country as fuck Y'all better run Oh here's your Harveest chicken and gasoline Well the cops Fucj us off in a paddy wagon truck At the end of my rope, I'm outta luck Gave us life 'cause we wouldn't talk Where I come from we call it - Re.

Well played. Moz initially claimed that he was Fufk by the labelthen Fuck this Harvest label said it wasn't trueleading the singer to hold his groundand the album World Peace Is None of Your Business was pulled from digital shelves. Don't tell people to "git gud" or say other basic shit like that.

Harvest time teen fuck slut!

Well played, Harvest. Don't talk shit about the mods We're mostly playing.

So really, this is just another case of Moz being Moz. This is the second confrontational tee Moz has revealed within the span of a couple weeks, since he just debuted his "Be Kind to Animals or I'll Kill You" T-shirt.

Don't fight with other users, insult them, etc. Hhis 'em. Rage at the game and the randoms you encounter in-game all you want, just don't take it out on other people here. This is just the latest in a feud that's been raging for a few months.